Where Trailers are Made

by Ryan

So I just got back from watching Niagara University beat Canisius 5-2 at Dwyer Arena. The game was pretty uneventful except for the fact that Canisus gave up three shorthanded goals on a single power play. Seriously, the two minute variety. In all my years of watching hockey I’ve never seen that happen. Ever. So congratulations Canisius College, you just blew my freaking mind.

Also, I had forgotten a few things about the college game, mainly why I dislike it for a variety of reasons. I’m still not a fan of no-touch icing, as well as people diving face first to block shots because they are wearing cages. It’s not really all that heroic when you are wearing a suit of armor, but good luck pulling that stuff on the next level.

Oh, and the Purple Eagles uniforms are awful. Having to wear purple is bad enough, but purple, silver, and white just doesn’t work at all. The Griffs also borrowed from the Dallas Stars jersey design, so it wasn’t exactly a visual cornucopia out there.

So yeah, college hockey. Maybe the first and last time I ever mention it here.


  1. Anne

    a friend of mine at school really wants me to go to a school hockey game with her because she wants to impress some guy in one of our classes who’s on the team. I am ALL FOR helping to improve my friends love lives, but I don’t think our friendship is strong enough for me to put up with a Buff State hockey game.

  2. amy

    How do you give up three shorthanded goals on one two minute power play? Like you, my mind is blown.

  3. sabresfan88

    Anne, I know it’s D III hockey, but I’d say give it a shot. I go to SUNY Oswego, so I see a similar brand here, and it’s really pretty good.

    I’m assuming Buff State must be better than usual this year, because, while I didn’t see the games, it sounds like they gave both Plattsburgh and Oswego good games, and those are two of the top programs in D III.

  4. Ryan


    I would actually give Buff State a shot. They have a pretty good team, and it’s a pretty good barn to watch hockey in. Sabresfan88 is right, the quality at the D III level is pretty surprising.

  5. dave in Rocha

    “So yeah, college hockey. Maybe the first and last time I ever mention it here.”

    That’s a shame. I almost like watching the college game better than the pros!

  6. sabresfan88

    So the three goals were apparently on the SportsCenter Top 10, and the video is on Puck Daddy.

  7. Ryan


    Let’s say hopefully not the last time. Just didn’t know how to finish and realized I had never talked about it before.



    Jon is going to post it later…