What Jon’s Thankful For

by Jon

When something goes wrong in the sporting world, everyday life as we know it keeps on truckin’. When something goes wrong in the real world, all hell can break loose (I’m looking at you GM, Citi Group, Fannie Mae, and on and on and on.)

I think that when it comes to sports, that’s what I am most thankful for. They are such a great escape with a relatively low downside. If your team loses (something we are all too accustomed to), it’s a bit of a downer. It’s disappointing and it may affect your mood a little bit, but that’s it. No extreme layoffs, no stock market swing, no deaths, no illnesses — it just stings a little bit.

So thank you sports, for giving me a reason to let my brain wander from all of the crazy, real life situations that make this world a hectic place.

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    Well said!