Trying New Things

by Ryan

I don’t watch basketball as much as I should. Unlike Chris, who seems to dislike it with a passion you rarely see, I just never really got into it. However, with this whole blogging thing I’ve grown to appreciate sports in an entirely new way, which makes me want to watch more of them.

Still, I didn’t grow up with basketball in my family, and so everything about the sport has had to be an acquired taste. Rich is a huge fan and has led me along the path, and I think he finally got me somewhere I can really start to “get it.”

Free Darko.

If there was ever a site that could help me understand basketball on a level far past causal enjoyment, this is it. Of course, my desire to take it to the next level has resulted in a purchase, as all good desires do.

The Macrophenomenal Pro Basketball Almanac

The book just arrived today and while I won’t have time to read it just yet, (Anne has nothing on my bookshelf this fall…) but I’m really excited about it. Even if I end up hating it somehow it is going to be the coolest book on the shelf for a long time. The pictures and charts are amazing, and FreeDarko has some of the best writing on the web which will most certainly will translate to print very well.

It seems like everyone has a book coming out suddenly, but it really is nice to see. I bought Men With Balls a few weeks ago, and will have a review up sometime soon. In fact, look for a brand new Roost Recommends with a few books to pick from; it’s been a long couple of months. If things go well, Rich and I will have a review of the Free Darko book up by Christmas. Because you are just dying to know what we think, I’m sure.