Tick Tock

by Ryan

I’m counting down the minutes to midnight.

Once the clock strikes twelve we can finally put to rest this awful month. There are many ways to divide up the progression of time, and as sports seasons go it is often best divided by months. However, this November was not one anyone around here wants to remember.

Bills’ record this month: 1-3

Sabres’ record this month: 5-7-1

Those numbers alone don’t look all that terrible, but they lack the context that truly describes how terrible they’ve been. After a fast start by both teams that had so much promise both teams have crashed back to earth in startling fashion. For the Bills the wheels have completely come off, and what looked like a sure playoff berth has vanished for yet another year. This is probably the best way to describe the depression currently setting in, but the reversal of fortunes we’ve seen in just a few weeks is almost amazing.

The Sabres have also reverted back to the mediocrity we know and despise. The more you watch the team the closer they come back to earth, and the growing fear is that they just don’t have it this year. While Thomas Vanek has come into his own the rest of the team just seems to linger with no sense of purpose or urgency.

Both teams seem to take on the same sad characteristics. They both have spectacular third jerseys and lots of potential. They underachieve and lose to bad teams, and they always seem to only play to their opponent’s level. They are not the marks of a bad team, but a middle of the road team. It is something we have grown used to, and I know many of us are sick of it.

The turn of a calender may not do much for either team, but a fresh start would be nice for both. It’s too late for the Bills now, but there is still time for the hockey team to get it together. December 1st and a game already. No more goofy schedule, and maybe the return of good hockey.

Hey, there’s always next month.