by Ryan

He’s making his very best Dick Jauron face there.

It’s hard to say what defines an entire season. Over 82 games, a multitude of themes and storylines develop that make it quite hard to pick just one. Injuries, contracts disputes, scoring slumps; any number of things can become what a season is defined by. However, if there was one thing that got close to a storyline last year it was the art of the collapse.

Witness a return to form.

It’s not the worst thing in the world, but last night wasn’t progress. For the first time in what seems like all year, the Sabres had a full roster. An extended break, a home game against a tired team; this was a perfect chance to get a win and keep things rolling into the weekend. No one was expecting a shutout streak to be alive this morning, but the Thrashers aren’t exactly a tough test at home.

Well, maybe they are. This is the second time Atlanta has come back to beat the Sabres in extra innings, and last year wasn’t a cake walk either. Maybe there’s something about this Thrashers team that Buffalo cant handle. It’s not a very good explanation for anything, but the Sabres should and can handle this team and they don’t.

And who the hell is this guy? Bryan Little is going to be a good NHL player, but he absolutely owns the Sabres. As of right now he’s Marc Savard South, and because of that I despise him. It’s probably a good thing we don’t play Atlanta until March, maybe by then he will have been packaged with Kovalchuk and shipped off to the West or something.

I’d like to get more upset about it, but sometimes hockey is like this. Bad games happen, but this wasn’t a bad game. This was a team that got let back into the picture, and they took the chance and got two points. Atlanta is a desperate team, and you can throw all the cliches in you want, but sometimes you just don’t close out games against desperate teams.

After a game like that, back to back doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.