The softer side of Mike Eruzione

By Jon

There’s one thing that I love more than sports: Modern art.

That got me thinking… what happens if you combine the intense, soul-searching interpretation of modern art with the triumphs and tribulations of the sporting world?

Miracle on Ice captain Mike Eruzione has answered my prayers.

Man, oh man. Where do we start with this piece of artwork?

First of all, this beauty can be yours. It’s currently taking in a modest bid of $55 with 19 days remaining.

Eruzione has obviously poured his heart and soul into this prolific piece. The black streak across the middle has got to be a hockey stick, with the red and blue splotches representing the euphoric joy that came with winning the medal. Send this to Albright-Knox, immediately.

In all seriousness, this is art?!? I could have drawn that with my opposite hand in Pre-K.

Have at it… leave your modern art interpretations of Eruzione’s work in the comments.


  1. Jon

    Pollack paintings are Eruzione-y

  2. porky

    Dali lame-a.