The Sixteen Percenters

by Ryan

Of the 25 finalists for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, four of them are Buffalo Bills.

Steve Tasker

Bruce Smith

Andre Reed

Ralph C. Wilson

We all know Bruce is a lock, but does anyone else have a chance? I think Ralph has an outside chance, but Tasker probably won’t ever get in. Hopefully Reed can get a push this year, but Cris Carter will probably get the nod over him.



  1. Porky

    Tasker was rockin’ one sweet mullet back then.

  2. twoeightnine

    What's funny is I don't think that he ever looked like that. Even going all the way back to his Oilers years this is as bad of a football as I can find.

    Interestingly, I forgot that he made 7 Pro Bowls. He played in Hawaii more often than he didn’t despite the fact that he didn’t have a position. He deserves to be in the Hall, I just think that the voters will overlook him because there never was anyone like him and never will be again.

  3. Zach

    I would like to see a Buffalo sweep at the Hall of Fame ceremonies but I cant see it happen. Bruce will get in and I think that this will be Andre’s year. Tasker probably will never get in and Ralph will probably make it posthumously, of course after he sells the Bills.

  4. Porky

    289,I didn’t remember him looking like that either, but I did find something close:

    I agree that Tasker deserves to be in, but I don’t think he’ll get enough support until special teams players are recognized on equal terms as offensive/defensive players. Which may be never.

  5. Ebscer

    Tasker and Wilson both deserve to be in