The Good, the Bad, and the Third

by Ryan

Last season’s introduction of the RBK EDGE jersey system meant many things for the league, but the most noticeable impact was the intentional lack of third jerseys. Long been a staple of teams scrambling for a few extra bucks, the NHL decided there would be enough chaos with thirty teams re-designing a total of 60 sweaters, so the +1 was left on the shelf for one season. The only exception was the Winter Classic uniforms, which were by all accounts absolutely beautiful.

With the opening of the 2008-09 season, the inevitable flood of third jerseys has begun. Each team seems to have taken a unique approach to this extra set of threads, with some focusing on tradition while others attempt simply to blind you. We all know the Sabres went for an updated version of their original logo, and for the most part it has been met with high praise.

Vancouver has done the same thing, and it looks awesome. With a slight update on their original logo for a crest, they bring back the classic colors while maintaining a sleek look the EDGE jerseys are designed for. The “Johnny Canuck” logo on the shoulder is great as well, something the team hasn’t sported in ages. It may be the nostalgic in me, but it always seems like Vancouver has better third jerseys than primary ones. Let’s hope they use these bad boys often.

At this point Atlanta should just stop trying and move to Toronto already. Do you think Thrashers management just plays around with the team’s color palette in MS Paint and picks which one looks the worst? The script jerseys are stupid in general, but that red/orange background is just awful. That stupid vertical sock pattern Nike tried during the Olympics makes an appearance here as well.

The only positive I can find is the goalie pads, and the fact that Bryan Little looks like he’s falling down in that picture.

Tonight the Sabres are in Pittsburgh to take on the Penguins, who will be sporting some new yet familiar uniforms as well. Their new jersey is almost exactly like what they wore in the Winter Classic, which received wide praise across the league. The comparison between Penguins and Sabres jerseys will be noticeable, and will only make me wonder where our third jerseys are.

Seriously guys, are they manufactured out of unicorn blood or something?


  1. twoeightnine

    Not sure where I read it but the Sabres will be wearing their third jersey on Nov. 26th against the Bruins.

  2. firsttimelongtime

    I had long suspected that the traditional jerseys were made out of unicorn blood. It is nice to see that someone finally agrees with me.