Talking Tonight

by Ryan

Today I was digging through my basement getting ready for the game tonight. While getting out the boots I only use for Bills games and lake effect snow, I found a bunch of old Bills pennants, posters, and this:

Even after all these years, this guy still has an impact on the city. There are even a few street signs downtown that have “Talking Proud!” on them, and it wouldn’t be hard to find someone humming a tune to those words on a Sunday morning.

What I find interesting is that the slogan came from a time of economic duress, designed to put some pride back in a city that desperately needed it. We are seeing a similar stretch of economic downturn, and no one’s come up with anything catchy to tide us over. However, over the years what better pick me up has this city ever received than a big Bills win?

Last Saturday when we had our get together at Fat Bob’s, Tedd from FirstTimeLongTime asked what championship would be bigger for the city: Stanley Cup or Super Bowl. I said Super Bowl hands down because we all know how much of a mood swing a Bills score has on Buffalo.

When you think about it, doesn’t this city need tonight, just to wake up in a more cheerful world tomorrow? The difference between a dreary winter day and a perfect morning snowfall is one boxscore. This city needs Monday Night Football, and it’s only a few hours away.

Something tells me this time will be different.


  1. Future President

    A win tonight, brings hope back to the season. And to a beautiful tuesday no matter how much snow.

    I don’t even want to think what a loss brings tonight.

  2. Anne

    I just felt the need to share that I’m super jealous that you’re going to the game tonight.

    That, and I hope you don’t freeze to death while watching the Bills CRUSH the Browns. Right!?

  3. Cari

    I hope you’re right!!

  4. dani

    I said Super Bowl hands down because we all know how much of a mood swing a Bills score has on Buffalo.

    For sure. Football has a bigger audience as well. We would just get so much more coverage.