Shaq says: Vote or Die

by Ryan

We’re here with Shaquille O’Neal, who maybe can give us some insight on voting today.

Uh, I’ve always been a voter and uh, I’ve always liked voting. I’m from New Jersey so, uh, um, they have the best voting in the country. I’m uh, just, um, happy to vote down here on my, (inaudible) night off.

I used to vote a lot. I’ve voted in Los Angeles. I’ve voted in, uh, I voted last week in Phoenix. I’ve always liked voting and uh, um, ah, voting and I enjoy it.

I don’t know nothing about no write in ballots, no senate races, no Proposition Ks or no nothin. It looks hard, so, uh… it looks like there are some great voters out there.

So yeah, uh, go out and vote.


  1. deannagabriel

    this is hilarious and quite possibly the hilight of my day…