by Ryan

So I’ve been mulling around the interwebs waiting to hear what roster move the Sabres make before tonight’s game. Still nothing, but as I refresh Yahoo’s Sabres page over and over I noticed something.

Thomas Vanek has over half the stat categories taken care of, but Yahoo felt the need to give Adam Mair’s mug shot a try. That’s a nice little gesture, considering he’s only the penalty minute leader. As it turns out, the picture that gets picked is just a random thing. Next time I got Vanek up where he should be.

Still, it would be nice if they used a picture of him taken sometime after high school.

So yeah, this is the type of thing I post about when Lindy can’t make up his mind. Is Matt Ellis that valuable?

One Comment

  1. Becky

    Maybe a possible trade of a body for a bag of pucks is in the wings.