by Ryan

I am very curious to know what you think about this.

It’s not often that I take the side of the mainstream media, but I think the blogger in this case is completely out of line. After all the shots I’ve seen taken at local writers, I don’t think I’d ever see anything so disturbing as this, and I take what he said completely serious. We’re not the best at comedy here, but that’s not funny. At all.

In fact, I think even with all we’ve said about the likes of Gleason or Sullivan there is still a level of respect we have for them. Threatening to curb stomp a journalist and ultimately kill him is way, way over the line.

Then again, perhaps I’m wrong. I’m interested to see what other bloggers in the community think about this. I respect the way we’ve discussed the MSM in the past, but would you ever do something like that?


  1. Zach

    As much as we rag on the Buffalo News and Bucky in particular, I would never wish ill will against anyone. Idiots like that are what give blogs a black eye.

  2. Porky

    I don’t know if Yahoo qualifies as MSM, but still that’s way out of line.

  3. dani


    I totally agree with what Zach said. Obviously we (at least… I) wouldn’t wish anyone harm. Anyone who puts us on their blogroll is awesome people to me.

    Wrap Around Curl was recently asked take down all her personal photos of the Chiefs by someone in the organization. No explanations or anything. The players are literally the property of the team.