Pounds and Stomps

by Ryan

I’ve been thinking about the Bills a lot today, but I’m very torn with regards to what I should say. So, I’m going to post both sides of my brain, one good and one bad. Look for those a bit later, and I’d love to hear your thoughts about both. This team certainly needs a lot of conversation to figure out. In the interim, here’s a few other things on my mind as we get through another bitter Monday.

– My sleep schedule has been all kinds of messed up for months, but we’re getting to the breaking point now. The last few days I haven’t been able to stay up past 1 A.M. without taking a nap of some sort, usually during a sporting event. It’s like my body is saying “No, no, F#$k YOU!”

– Zach over at Dueling Sabres sent along a petition for the “Bills in Toronto” game against Miami. A group of people want the NFL to keep the roof open at Skydome, and while it seems unlikely I’d suggest doing your part and signing.

– I can’t believe I didn’t mention this sooner, but over at FirstTimeLongTime they are having a Buffalo Media Showdown. Today’s battle between Nick Mendola and John Vogl is crucial to the potential Mendola/Riter Clash of the Titans finale. We can only hope.

– Tomorrow I will dig through the archives and give an update out our newest meaningless award, The Ferrunginous Pygmy-Owl of the Game. I’ve missed a few games here and there and we need a running tally, so a sleepy Tuesday seems perfect for that purpose.

– If you need to feel better about your sports life, head over to Kissing Suzy Kolber and read this. The language may not be safe for everyone, but the message is as universal as Apple Pie.

– Blogger keeps eating parts of my posts, and that really bothers me. The Bills post yesterday had a point, I swear it did. However, I didn’t check until after the game and noticed half of it was gone. Not good times.

– I now have tickets for both Sabres home games this week, which may be a bad thing. I’m currently 1-1 this year, with both games maintaining the excitement of a flea circus in Wisconsin. So yeah, there’s that.

– Rich took the Wonderlic test today and says, “Vince Young has no excuse.” While that may be true, I think Rich should post a lot more often around here.

– All I can say about this is “good”. I know we’re supposed to get upset about personal injury, but those bastards deserve every loss they get.

– According to Mirtle the Sabres currently rank second in goal differential and thirteenth in shot differential. I think the former is a good indicator of just how good teams are, and it’s no surprise Montreal (3rd) and Boston (5th) are fighting with Buffalo for the division lead. You have to give James credit, he was one of the few who saw Buffalo playing as well as they are.

There’s plenty more to cover today, so come back in a bit for some thoughts on Trent and Company.


  1. dani

    -Naps are good.
    -Keep the roof off.
    -Cheaters never prosper.
    -Stations wagons will never happen for me.
    -Be glad I wasn’t there to talk your guy’s ears off on Saturday… (at last post)

  2. The Bastard

    “All I can say about this is “good”. I know we’re supposed to get upset about personal injury, but those bastards deserve every loss they get. “

    Why? Cause we always beat your asses? Jealous much?
    Oh, and being pleased that another human being is just low… truly pathetic display.

  3. Rich

    “Oh, and being a self-righteous troll on a blog that covers your team’s division rivals is just low…truly pathetic display.”

    / Fixed