Paradise… LOST!

by Ryan

Every once in a while it is okay to talk about fantasy sports. Really, it is.

We take our fantasy leagues very seriously here, and every so often a perfect moment comes about that makes you appreciate all the wasted moments in your life you devote to an imaginary football team.

Last night was one of those moments, but it was indeed a moment far too brief.

A few weeks ago Chris said he had a sleeper to pick up. Because we are in another league together he wouldn’t tell me the name, but the next week we had him in our Buffalo Blogger’s league, and he had him in ours. His name was Ryan Torain, and it was said that if not for an injury in training camp he would be starting for Denver.

Then we waited. Denver suddenly had a lot of injury problems, and slowly Torain nursed himself back to health. Before you know it he was the de facto starter for Denver, and last night was the first chance we had to see what he could do. A few minutes before game time I sent Chris a text. “Should we go with Torain?” I asked. He said we should, and so LenDale White was sent to the bench.

At the end of the first quarter he had 31 yards and a touchdown. By halftime he was out of the game. Now, he’s lost for the year. It was a magical ride that spanned the course of two quarters of football, but the Ryan Torain Experiment has come and gone before our very eyes.

We were so close to that moment where everything clicks. We’re not the only people who knew about Torain, but getting that extra edge in a competitive league is reason to celebrate. Especially with a team like ours, which lost its first round pick eight minutes into the season. Luck has so much to do with how a fantasy team works out, but the moments where your hours of research prove profitable really are what it’s all about.

When I told Chris about the Torain ACL, he only said this: “Well it was good while it lasted. Twelve points isn’t bad.”

Not bad at all. Back to the waiver wire we go.

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  1. brain s.

    Torn ACL? F*#@. I did the same thing y’all did but don’t have any decent backups.