On Pause

by Ryan

Tomorrow I promise some Bills posts, but things got in the way today. For now, check this out:

This photo really is perfect. It’s amazing that they managed to get Favre’s divine glow captured on film, but now we understand why he is so revered. Even when he is doing nothing. He completely deserves the credit he gets, and I can’t wait to watch him on Thursday take on the heart of America’s problems. He’s a true American hero, and on days like this you have to remember who’s really important.



  1. The Bastard

    “take on the heart of America’s problems.”

    Damn son, we have really gotten into your heads, huh? I suppose four losses in four years compared to three wins in four years would be rather painful…

  2. Ryan

    Clearly your ability to detect sarcasm is off the charts. By the way, how did your séance go when Youboty was put on IR? I know you care oh so much about the fate of the other team’s defensive players…

  3. The Bastard

    I assumed all sarcasm/kidding (as mentioned in the tag) was in reference to Favre. After all, you are the same person who was pleased about Thomas breaking his arm. You come off as the type of guy who celebrated when Brady was injured.

    Who the hell is Youboty? I could care less about his injury, but there is a big difference between apathy over an injury and being pleased by it…

  4. TheTick

    Favre looks like he’s moonwalking out there.

  5. Rich

    I’m the type of guy who celebrated when Brady wass injured.