No Thanks Necessary

by Ryan

It was a mixed set of emotions when the NFL announced they would be playing another game on Thanksgiving a few years back. My first thought was that it would be a bit odd considering how long it’s been with just the two games each year. My next thought was that it would be good; finally there was a chance we would get to see a decent game. By the time I realized most of the country won’t get to see that third game, well, it was just the same old same old.

And here we are, another year with three awful football games under our stretched belts. Maybe it tells you something about the parody found in the NFL, or maybe it’s just telling you how badly the Lions suck. Still, you have to think there is a way to make this work just a bit better, right? I can’t remember getting excited about a football game on Thanksgiving since Vikings/Cowboys in 1998. That’s ten years ago, folks, and there have been overtime games since then. That’s not good.

I’m not exactly suggesting the Lions get their game taken away. That’s not really fair, and tradition is tradition. However, when you get three straight stinkers on one of the most important football days of the year, something should change. The problem is I honestly can’t come up with an answer, but maybe the turkey is clouding my mind.

Does anyone have an idea that could fix the mess we saw yesterday? Better yet, are you okay with what you saw? Is that part of the allure of these games, the convenient background noise you don’t have to pay attention to? I know I didn’t follow the other two games at all because I didn’t have any fantasy players in them, and I’m kind of embarrassed that I expected them to be that bad. Once the thrill of perfection faded from the Lions game, the other two really didn’t matter to me anymore.

It’s not that I’m tired of the Lions, really, I’m just tired of seeing them blown out. Is there any way we get to see competitive football on Thanksgiving within the next… five years? That would be awesome.