No And1 Tonight

by Ryan

It wasn’t the prettiest of games, but it was a well earned win.

After four straight games against New Jersey that give away extra points, it was just nice to see a game end in regulation. The way the Sabres have started this year would make you believe it would head there again this year. Taking a 1-0 lead into the third after completely dominating play. We’ve seen the soft goal that ties it up, another point lost within the conference.

Miller actually spent the whole first period like this

Not this time. Miller was strong again, the defense held, and they overcame some penalties to put together another great road win. We’ve wondered if Miller would live up to the expectations a new contract brings, and two straight shutouts to playoff teams does answer the bell quite a bit. He’s made sure to put two a bad games behind him, and knowing he will get a long rest and maybe a day off this weekend does a lot for the team’s confidence.

Max’s shadow forcing a turnover

The forwards put in a pretty solid effort as well. It looks like Afinogenov and Stafford, and Mair didn’t get much ice time, but the Kaleta/Gaustad/Paille line was excellent. Kaleta in particular had a good game. Aside from the nice goal, he was everywhere on the forecheck, killing penalties, and even blocking an important shot late. Putting Pat out with two minutes to play with a shutout on the line is a great gesture from the coaching staff, and Kaleta deserved it with a great all around performance tonight.

It’s good to see Rivet back, isn’t it?

It’s going to be a long week without a Sabres game, but we will find plenty to talk about. This team is getting healthy, and aside from a few hiccups last week they are firing on all cylinders. Vanek still had a good game, but nothing to show for it on the stat sheet. Miller is as lights out as he has ever been, and he’s back to having a decent backup to support him.

This team is starting to look familiar, and I can’t think of a better way to finish off a Monday than with saying that.

The Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl of the Game goes to Pat Kaleta, who totally deserves it. Kaleta always seems to make an impact, but tonight was more than that. His line was a force, and I’d like to see them stay together for a while and see what happens. With all the injuries we’ve seen so far, it would be nice to see a checking line set and ready to roll.


  1. Anne

    Its nice to see Kaleta getting legitimate ice time and making something of it. He can draw penalties and he can kill them, and not a lot of players can do both.

    I had to rewind and watch the replay on his goal because I couldn’t believe it was him and not Paille.

    WOOOO PK on the PK!! Yeah, I said it.

  2. dani

    It wasn’t the prettiest of games,

    Guys and girls clearly have differing views of pretty Sabres! haha

  3. Kevin

    He’s made sure to put two bad games behind him

    Hey, let’s not forget that Lalime was in net for one of those two games. So while the team may have had two bad games, Ryan was only around for one of them.

  4. Jael

    Yes, this team looks familiar, only… better. =D

  5. Caroline

    Miller actually spent the whole first period like this
    Haha, great picture caption!

  6. Ryan


    Nice catch on Miller, I have no idea why I keep doing that in my head. I would try to play it off and say he had a bad night in Colorado, but that’s pretty far from the truth…

    My brain stops working around 3AM, and I think that’s about when this got posted…