Last Time We Met

by Ryan

When I was coming up with a lede for the post game post I had a few ideas. My first thought was what Miller said after a Bruins game last year.

I never want to see the grin on his face like he had when he turned up ever again.

Not the most perfect of English, but what he said about Phil Kessel seemed to mean a lot to Ryan. It was a resolution of sorts, to shut Boston down whenever he had the chance. Now while he did score during the game a few weeks ago, we all knew there was no way he was scoring in the shootout.

That was the story of the game until Thomas Vanek did his thing, and what I ended up with was a little something like this. You could argue for either story, but I think it worked out for the best. Still, whenever Boston shows up on the schedule I’m going to think about what Miller said.

He may not get the chance to face them tonight, but I wonder if the team feels the same way.