Kelly, Timmy, and an Escape from the Basement

by Ryan

It’s a good thing Jon posted yesterday or we would have been dark for quite a while. Let’s talk about some things quickly and we can try to get back on schedule today.

– We already know Timmy is back on the injury train, but what I thought was great about it was Lindy’s reaction:

“He’s nursing a little bit of a sore groin, which I think after playing a couple games and missing training camp, it’s to be expected that he can be a little sore after finally getting into the heat of the battle,” coach Lindy Ruff said.

Translation: We totally know he’s made of cotton candy and sex drive. We’re okay with it, so you should be too.

– The good news is that Jochen is no longer Brochen, and will play tomorrow. My best guess is that Stafford sits unless Timmy can’t pull his penis-parts together in time.

– Interesting story from our friend Side of Pork about Jim Kelly’s take on the fans Sunday. He did a nice job pointing out where Kelly is being a bit absurd, but I sort of agree with Jim on this one. There’s not much fans can do to change how the defense plays, but it seemed mighty quiet there on Sunday. Could have been a combination of things, but I expected a lot better.

– If you’re not aware, this Saturday our friends at FirstTimeLongTime are planning a little get together for the Sabres game. It’s safe to say that unless swamp monsters attack that morning I will be there along with a few other writers from Buffalo’s finest sports blogs. Heck, even Chris may show up. More information will be making the rounds shortly, but if you are interested in attending we would love to have you.

Later today we will have more to talk about, but for now, be careful where you draw your anti-Semitic penises