In Character

by Ryan

Yep, even when he makes mistakes his mouth is open.

Jon and I have a lot of similar interests, but where we differ is how we handle our sports teams. While I tend to sit on the side of optimism and hope, Jon lacks an earthly soul and assumes the worst at all times. This means a lot of conflict, and Jon telling me I’m wrong often.

However, today we have the same opinion about the Bills: we have very little to say about yesterday’s game, and yes, that’s a bad thing. The Bills only made a few mistakes but it cost them the game. Favre did absolutely nothing, Lynch was… well, I don’t know what happened to Money yesterday.

All of a sudden the Bills are 5-3 with a game against the Patriots looming. They technically still have a playoff spot, but you can’t be as high on this team as you were a few weeks ago, right? That’s the question I suppose. On a day like today, are you a “Ryan” or a “Jon”?

I think I’m a bit out of character today.


  1. Derek

    Is it okay now to be hard on them?

  2. Ryan

    Who said it was okay not to be?