Goodbye, Sweet Princes

by Ryan

We would be disgusted with ourselves if we didn’t echo the sentiments of many bloggers and mourn the loss of Fire Joe Morgan. Since we started this whole blogging thing almost two years ago many of us have loved what they do, and it will be sad talking about the hotstove without them taking part.

Much of what you do as a writer comes from what you read, and I would doubt anyone who said the work of Ken Tremendous, dak, and Junior didn’t influence them in some way. I know this blog has been influenced by their work, and anyone who read their work understands what they brought to the blogosphere. We are in a better place because of it.

So thank you, FJM. Your consistency, reliance on intangibles, and most importantly, your biased love of the Big Red Machine made you a better sports site than this one ever will be. Oh, and