Gameday Prep: Bills vs. Jets

by Ryan

Okay, I could have done much worse with this…

Announcers: Jim Nantz, Phil Simms. Stupendous! (Courtesy of Awful Announcing)

Game Distribution Maps: Courtesy of the506.

Depth Charts: Jets, Bills

Stats:, ESPN, or Yahoo Sports all do a good job. If you have fantasy teams through Yahoo, you’re better off paying the ten bucks for “stattracker”, it’s a lifesaver. (Especially when you have three fantasy leagues with Yahoo…)

Things They’ve Been Saying:
– First of all take a look at this post from Buffalo Rumblings. There is a reason this place is the best Bills blog on the planet. Just great work there.

Tim Graham has an interesting post from Scouts, Inc. about Edwards and his growth.

– Be sure to Text the Po-lice if you see any shenanigans at the game today. Hrm, probably not what Public Enemy was going for there…

– The New York Post has a suggestion for Brett Favre.

Pump-Up Song that Will Melt Your Face Off: “Little Sister”, Queens of the Stone Age

We would praise the excellent use of cowbell, but Tampa Bay has pretty much killed it. Let’s call it a jam block and move on.

Fun Facts:

– When Eric Mangini’s wife birthed a child he named it after Brett Favre. No, really. I’m not going to link it because I’m too tired and it’s really sad, but I’m completely serious. Dude, I know.

– 289 has an absolutely sick shirt you should buy. I would buy it with a “Kaleta Collision” shirt and get 20%off, but that’s just me. You’ll be the talk of your local Urban Outfitters with either. Trust me.

– I see no reason why the Bills don’t roll today. Not to sound too confident, but the Jets have beaten no one, and almost lost to the Chiefs at home last week. The Chiefs. The team that Herm Edwards coaches and Larry Johnson slaps bitches for. Yeah, that one.

– A special welcome home goes to reader Greg B. and his son from Dayton, Ohio. They made the trip in to see the game this weekend and had some questions for us, which we were happy to answer. Hope he has a great time out there with 73,000 of his closest friends.

Go Bills.