Gameday Prep: Bills vs. 49ers

by Ryan

The 90s were a hell of a drug

Announcers: Fox’s Q Team (Courtesy of Awful Announcing)

Depth Charts: 49ers, Bills

Stats:, ESPN, or Yahoo Sports all do a good job. If you have fantasy teams through Yahoo, you’re better off paying the ten bucks for “stattracker”, it’s a lifesaver. (Especially when you have three fantasy leagues with Yahoo…)

Things They’ve Been Saying:
Langston Walker is a big dude.

Russert Memorial Plaza gets dedicated today.

– Graham also does a nice job breaking down the numbers put up against 4-3 vs. 3-4 defenses.

– Here’s a quick injury report, which I’m sure will get longer before kickoff.

Pump-Up Song that Will Melt Your Face Off: Tool, “The Pot”

Fun Facts:

– If you think you had a bad weekend, at least you didn’t shoot yourself.

Pictures of big people.

– There is a part of me that thinks we would all be better off if the Bills choked today and didn’t string us along. I hope to God they win today, but still…

– So… who’s their quarterback again. Wait, really?

Okay, that’s it. Game time. Let’s uh, let’s see what happens…

Go Bills.

One Comment

  1. tedd

    Ryan, you know the Bills are going to win out and still lose on a tie breaker. Have peace with it.