Chicken Shooters, Timmy, and Alex on the Shelf

by Ryan

So it’s November now. Somehow last month we managed to post 94 times, which is more than we’ve ever done. Somewhere along the line I may have dropped acid or something, but hopefully this kind of pace can keep going. Maybe triple digits this month?

Tonight the Sabres take on Washington, and I’d say this game is pretty important. Let’s go with a few quick hits while you try to get that silver paint out of your hair.

– I’m sure you heard this by now, but Ovechkin isn’t playing tonight. That means Semin is the main threat, and suddenly I’m very glad I didn’t drop 80 bucks on tonight’s game.

– The Sabres’ finally had something to say about the Winter Classic rink that East Aurora purchased. It was only almost two months after news first broke, so yeah, good for them.

– According to, the lines you see tonight will be a bit different. I’m hoping for a Peters/Pominville/Paille trio, but that’s just me.

– Speaking of Pominville, please take a moment to read Kevin’s thoughts on Jason’s usual post game jargon. Saying absolutely nothing in so many words really is a talent, and I think he’s a straight shooter for upper management.

– Hard to imagine Max is the fourth leading scorer on the team, eh? So far Ales is leading the UFA-to-be scoring race, but we all know Timmy’s going to have a big game out of the chute, right?

– Oh, and don’t you wish you had ticket promotions like this?

All that and Mystics tickets? Sign me up!

– Sabres need this one tonight. Have to take advantage with the best player on the planet half a world away.