Blurred Interest

by Ryan

When division rivals play in prime time, it’s always a big deal. When the two teams playing are a game ahead of you and fighting for a division title, it’s an even bigger deal. With the Jets taking on New England tonight, Bills fans have a serious rooting interest in which teams wins.

Wait, which team are we rooting for again?

It’s actually an interesting question. Conventional wisdom would say the overall weaker team because they are more likely to lose more down the stretch, but with everything as undecided as it is, who really knows which team that is?

Of course the best case scenario is a tie, which the Jets almost had against Oakland earlier this season. Well okay, the best best case scenario is probably a nuclear missile strike of some sort, or maybe just an issue at the Wrangler jeans factory that forces Brett Favre to leave early and cancel the game. (Everyone knows you just can’t play football without Brett Favre…) They all seem unlikely, but you can always hope.

That’s my question for you today: who do you root for tonight? Whether you think the Bills have a chance of catching either team or not, which one do you prefer holding the division lead at daybreak Friday? My mind says the Jets, who I still feel have a lot of flaws, but many football minds smarter than I consider the Jets a very complete team. New England is the better team to me, even with Brady out and a few question marks at running back, their offense is more balanced and the defense is holding steady.

So who ya got? Man-child Gunslinger or Soulless Football Genius?


  1. Defy Gravity...

    That’s a tough one…. Who do I want to win tonight…. Jets or New England? Neither one winning helps the Bills, but I’m going to have to go with the Jets, because I can’t stand New England!

  2. TheTick

    Watching Flyers/Pens at Yahoo…

  3. Becky

    I cannot possibly root for New England….I even cheered for Miami against them.