1. spavery

    I’m beginning to think this team won’t be successful until it gets new ownership.

  2. Ryan

    If it takes someone to die before your team gets fixed, you are in serious trouble. But hey, it sorta worked for the Blackhawks…

  3. Anonymous


  4. amy

    So does anyone else think Trent’s groin injury is the team trying to put a better spin on “he sucked, so we’re going to nail his ass to the bench for the remainder of the game?”

  5. Andrew

    This was an absolute disgrace today… an uninspired team with no coaching, no focus and no direction. Can this season end soon enough?!

  6. spavery

    I heard Lee Evans in the post game presser and he basically said his team needs an attitude adjustment. He’s exactly right. But the fault lies not with the attitude of the players. It’s the front office and the coaches who need to adjust their attitudes. How in the world does Jauron build a finesse, dome-like team in Buffalo? For Christ’s sake, this is BUFFALO! There is wind, snow, rain, cold, and ice. No intelligence needed here, just common sense: it’s a good idea to run the football when your running back is averaging NINE YARDS PER CARRY.

    I know Jauron is both smarter and a better communicator than Mike Singeltary. But Mike Singeltary out-coached Dick Jauron today, when the latter had every conceivable advantage: home-field advantage, weather advantage, even the well-documented time-zone advantage. Not to mention Jauron has a more talented football team. How does something like this happen!?

    Let’s try it from another angle: how good would this team be with Bill Cowher at the helm? How badly would we have beaten the Niners today with a bad-ass, go out and kill ’em coaching staff? I will never make an excuse for Jauron again. His “playing not to lose,” “steady as she goes,” “well I’d like to be 12-0 but we’re 6-6 and we have to come back to work tomorrow and correct our mistakes” nonsense has to end. Fire Dick Jauron, and bring in a coach who is not only a good communicator, but one who is also willing devise a game plan that is premised on a desire to beat your opponent into absolute submission. Everyone says that Jauron is a players’ coach. But has anyone besides Trent Edwards gone on record extolling Jauron’s steady as she goes philosophy? Maybe Dick should rent Remember the Titans and re-discover what Desire is.

    I am so fucking angry.