Be Your Connection on a Monday Night

by Ryan

Oh crap, Versus.

It’s not that I don’t like the Outdoor Life Network, I just think it’s kind of silly in most regards. It has made some great strides in the past two years when it comes to game production and staff, and their playoff coverage was pretty good last year. However, critics will always look to its bull riding and fishing companions and ask what a “major” sport is doing on a channel most people don’t care about.

We could beat this issue into the ground, but if you are like me a game on Versus means one thing: an away game in HD. This is a much bigger deal than people with standard definition television can imagine. Until last Christmas I was among you, but now I’ve seen the light. If you are reading this right now, cut costs everywhere you can, eat less, and buy an HDTV. It will change your sporting life for the better, and you can complain with me when the Sabres play in the crappy lighting conditions at Nassau Coliseum.

In any event, here’s a few things you should know about the Devils or the league in general:

– If you know where to get a print copy of Buffalo Rising be sure to grab the November Edition. There’s a great story about the Aud with some very cool photos in it, some of which they already have here. I’ll keep looking for the online version and will link to it when I find it.

– Take a look at the standings. Doesn’t it feel like the Rangers are going to finish the season in March and just wait until everyone gets done?\

– Mirtle picked Atlas as his Rocket Richard winner thus far. To that I say, nice shirsey. Oh, and Miller won his Vezina. If he stops having those soft-goal games for a while I agree.

– Everyone knows by now, but Brodeur will be out for tonight’s game. Marty always plays Buffalo tough, but I’m more worried about the defensive system we just can’t seem to beat. It will be interesting to see how effective the power play is against a team like New Jersey. We’ve had problems with offensive zone entries before, and I doubt they improve much against the Devils. Maybe Connolly helps them progress tonight?

– Zach Parise is the major concern tonight, with 14 points in 9 games thus far. Only our very own Atlas Vanek has more goals than Parise, so you know the kind of year he’s had. He may be the first “hot” player the Sabres’ defense will come up against this year, so I’d watch how well they play against the Devils’ top line.

– No word on who starts for Buffalo, but you have to think its Miller because of the light week. I’d guess he splits starts over the weekend but starts against Weekes tonight. In any event, isn’t it kind of nice that the option is there? Patrick Lalime is fun like that.

– I just got 15 seats together in the lower bowl, so I’m guessing there are still plenty of tickets left. Devils Hockey, it’s Jersey’s Team!

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  1. Anne

    I didn’t realize until Patrick Lalime won a game in the regular season how much of my anxiety about the Sabres was based on the fact that Miller was our 1 and only reliable option in net last year and if anything were to have happened to him (injury, arrested for assaulting our defensive corps) we were royally screwed.

    Patrick Lalime is totally aces in my book.