Batting .500

by Ryan

If there was ever an exercise in futility, it would be picking players for an All Star Game. Whether it be punch ballots, online voting, or text messaging; there will always be something a tad unfair about the process. In a way it is by design. Fans are biased and root for players the like even if they may be less deserving than others. That’s just how it goes, and sometimes even Rory Fitzpatrick gets involved.

However, what doesn’t make sense is when the candidates don’t make much sense. Let’s try the Sabres picked or the 104 player ballot.

Vanek. Good.

Miller. Good.

Teppo. Okay, I can live with that.

Roy. Really?

Seriously, out of all the people to pick on a loaded team, how do Numminen and Roy stand out thus far? Teppo has been solid and has five points, but when you have Jaroslav Spacek on your team how does he get the nod over him? Nine points and a +3 on a decimated defensive corps is pretty impressive, and quite the bounce back season in a contract year.

Then we have Derek Roy. He’s come on as of late, but he’s still averaging half a point per game on a team with five forwards ahead of him in team scoring. One of them is an All Star shoe in (Atlas), but where is Pominville’s nomination? You could make the argument that Kotalik has benefited from Vanek’s play and Clarke is taking advantage of a few injuries, but what about Jason’s strong play?

Let’s face it, he got the big pay raise over the summer for a reason, and he has been making some noise in the past few games, much of it his own doing. Not to say that Roy hasn’t been playing well, but if you had to put Derek or Jason on your ballot, which one would you pick?

Then again, this isn’t an exact science. From the Rink, of course, has all the hits and misses. Hey, at least they didn’t pick Connolly.


  1. Heather B.

    I’m okay with Teppo over Spacek. Despite the difference in points and +/- I think Teppo has been just as good if not a smidge better. That’s just a gut feeling though, no stats to back that up.

    I don’t think I’d pick Roy or Pominville. Kotalik has been far better than both of them so far. And no, I can’t believe I just typed that either.

  2. dani

    I was really trying to come up with something to write under Derek Roy. I thought it was just me.

  3. Anne

    In my head I predicted Vanek and Miller but I actually wouldn’t have expected anyone else.

  4. Zach

    I would put Rivet over Numminen if you were looking at playing well. But what is the sense of having an all star ballot that comes out as the season just started.

    Obviously the popular vote is not for who has played well it is for who is the most popular. Therefore, they are going to take the names of the franchises and put them up for ballot and not the outstanding performers. Looking at that, the top two forwards, the top defensemen, and the franchise goalie are going to be the ones that are put up for the popular vote.

  5. Ryan

    I think Zach’s point about popularity answers what Heather B. says about Kotalik. I agree with her that he has outplayed Roy and Pominville, but what he doesn’t have is that same name recognition. It’s another way the entire process is flawed.

    Also, the ballot comes out way too early. If we all had schedules like the Rangers do then maybe, but not a month in.