Ask the Sabres

by Ryan

Actually, yeah. You know that jersey you are wearing there? So, uh… when do you wear that for real for real?

See, all of these teams are coming out with third jerseys, and that’s fun. However, what they have done is let people know when they plan on wearing them. I mean, by now the fans themselves can wear the jerseys, why not tell the fans when the players will do the same?

Heck, the Penguins announced their third jerseys at a freaking mall and still had a date ready to roll. We will see the Winter Classic jerseys again on November 15th. When do we get to see the Sabres’ new unis in the flesh?

After a bit of sleuthing I’ve come to icethetics, which has the Sabres’ first game with the new blue and gold as November 26th. Is that it, though? Where are the rest of them?

The good news is that the Pirates have more worn more jerseys this year than the Sabres ever have. Their normal sweaters you can buy at the Sabres’ store, but I doubt you want a pink Gerbe jersey, right?

Well, what about a stars and stripes Gerbe?

Yeah, I’m sure this is going to turn out well. They should just call them the Painting Pirates and wear a different uniform every night.


  1. Anne

    Oooo! Can they turn designing a hockey uniform into a challenge on Project Runway?!?!?! I really think a nice silk chiffon scarf would really capture the movement of the game.

  2. TheTick

    You joke but I was reading somewhere last night that it is NOT the end of special one-off jerseys for the Pirates.