Ask Dick

by Ryan

Coach, is your quarterback regressing?

There’s probably a lot of ways you could go with it, but I think clearly, statistically, you’d say that he’s not playing as well the last four games than he was earlier in the year, so I don’t know if there is any more to be said than that, though, I know that he’s four weeks more experienced, I know that he’s four weeks smarter because I see him study.

That’s one thought right there. Amazing. His statistics show he’s played like crap. He looks like crap. He probably sounds like crap. However, time is not a standing still, so he is a better quarterback.

He’s studying all of the time.

I bet he is. Trent has his film study down pat. He’s going to fast-forward the hell out of Kansas City this weekend.

So regression in that area, I would say no, I would say he’s gone forward. So you see what I’m saying? You can take it either way.

That is one of the stupidest things I have ever heard about quarterback progression. Ever. All aspects of his play have deteriorated, but because of the perpetual march of time Trent Edwards is a better quarterback. By this measurement, Ryan Leaf is going to be fucking phenomenal next year.

The bottom line is we’re just not playing well enough to win and he’s one of the guys. He’s one of those guys out there so he’s part of it.

Glad to know he’s aware Trent plays in these games.

So whatever all of that means, there it is. I don’t see him in a slide backwards, if that’s what you mean. But clearly, performance-wise, it hasn’t been there.

So Trent’s performance has been invisibly sliding… forward? What does that even mean? He’s not regressing, but based on performance he has played worse than before. If that’s not regression, then I have no idea about anything. Up is down, and wide open is double coverage.

If Trent is so good at watching film, though, I hope he notices all those open receivers he didn’t see on Monday. The good news is that according to Dick, every minute that passes Trent Edwards gets better as at life, and I lose faith in Dick Jauron as my head coach.