What to Watch Sunday

by Ryan

So if you are a Time Warner customer I have good news regarding what to watch on Sunday around 4 pm. Through the good graces of Time Warner Cable, you will still be able to get your sports fix at kickoff time. Check out the schedule for “Channel Four” on Sunday.

That’s right baby:

UAB Dragons Womens Volleyball.

The Lady Dragons, Drag Ladies for short, will take on the high powered Tulane Female Green Wave, which I’m sure will peak the interest of J.P. Losman.

Oh yeah, consider him peaked.

After that, be sure to stay tuned for “MaxPreps Lemming Report”, so you can watch players 5-8 years before they play in the NFL! Following that, catch “Heisman Tales: Roger Staubach & John Cappelletti”. Holy crap, I’d rather play this than watch any of that garbage:

I’m going to go stab myself in the face now. Or maybe call DirectTV.


  1. amy

    Howard Simon said on WGR yesterday that there is a chance that TWC could pick up the Rochester CBS affiliate for the Bills game if WIVB is still off the air on Sunday.

  2. Slacker867

    I’ve noticed a disturbing lack of women’s volleyball coverage on this blog.

  3. Ryan

    We’re going to keep monitoring the situation, and I’m going to radio shack to ask some questions later. That’s something to consider though. Thanks for the head’s up, Amy.


    We’ll have a gameday up for you on Sunday.

  4. dani

    I have DirectTV. Just in case you wanted to be jealous of me.

  5. TheTick

    Don’t diss Lemmings the game, that shit kicked ass.

  6. Ryan

    Lemmings was a good game, just not a decade later when I could be watching football on a 46 inch HD tv.

    I saw Colts story on PFT late last night, too. You’re right, exact same thing with the exact same result. I guess a lot of these deals are expiring, so these two look to be the benchmark that will determine the rest.

    Translation: not good.