This is It

by Ryan

“Don’t waste my time, this is it, is this really happening?” -Ryan Adams

Tell me again that this is for real. Please, please tell me this Bills team really is 5-1 and about to enter division play.

This isn’t supposed to happen. The Bills aren’t supposed to win close games against good teams, and the defense isn’t supposed to limit the Chargers to 14 points. That doesn’t happen in Buffalo. We don’t have linebackers drift over the middle to intercept passes on the goal line, and we sure as hell don’t have a pass rush without Aaron Schobel. This can’t be a Bills defense, they don’t do “bend but don’t break.” The Bills do “bend and teeter and break at the worst possible time,” it’s practically their signature move.

Today’s game was pretty incredible when you think about it. Aside from all the power issues, the helium balloons, and the fact that most people saw half the game, the Bills did something they don’t usually do: they completely outplayed a good team.

The argument that a team is “better” or “worse” than their record always has its downside. For everyone that can say the Chargers are better than their record can say the Bills are much worse than theirs; and that’s why a 23-14 final means so much for this team. The Bills have had their fair share of weak opponents, but the Chargers were a good team with a lot to play for.

Remember, Philip Rivers is having a great year, and they have been scoring points like crazy. Not only did the Bills get to Rivers and force mistakes, they stopped the running game and caused some huge, huge turnovers. It was exactly what our defense failed to do against the Cardinals, but Poz and company did it against one of the best offenses in the league.

Oh, and Trent Edwards isn’t concussed anymore. 25/30 is nothing to sneeze at, either. This wasn’t one of those “game management” type of performances, he was in complete control on offense and made some great throws under pressure. You can’t say it enough about Trent, he has pocket presence and a maturity beyond his years. Hopefully we get to say this after every week, but what a game from the kid.

I know we are beating around the bush here, but I think we can stop asking if this team is “for real” or not. Screw the pundits, forget the power rankings, and stop caring if Chris Carter or whoever thinks Lee Evans is a good enough #1 wide receiver. You know what you’ve seen from this team, and you know how they stack up against some very good teams in this division.

Now we are going to see how they stack up against teams in their own division. Next three games are against the Dolphins, Jets, and Patriots, and neither of them have blown me away just yet. If they play like they did today, I can’t see any of them causing a big problem. Yes, even those Patriots everyone hates so much.

Speaking of them, they play another big bad AFC team team tonight in Denver. The question is, do you root for the Broncos because of the division standings, or the Patriots because of the conference?

Yeah, this really is happening.