The Right Hand at Right Wing

by Ryan

You know it’s Halloween when you think to yourself, “Hey, where’s my picture of Drew Stafford dressed like Jesus?”

If you must know, that’s me on the right making the kissy face and yes, what Drew and I have is special.

Happy Halloween everyone. Make sure you wear your reflective clothing out there tonight. Don’t talk to strangers, but be sure to eat their delicious, delicious candy.


  1. Rachael and Lucinda

    Ahhh! I was looking like crazy for this picture this morning! Nothing says all hollows eves like Drew dressed as our Lord and Savior!

  2. amy

    Is the woman on the right playing the role of Mary Magdalene?

  3. TheTick

    Make sure you chew the razor blades up extra well – you are a pansy if you spit them out.

    /not actual advice

  4. Ryan


    May be a nun, but if they are depicting the Islamic form of Jesus the Prophet that is the smartest kissy-face girl I’ve ever seen.


    Anyone who has Halloween without a level of difficulty attached is a pansy…