by Ryan

As of right now I’ve been up 27 or so hours straight. I shouldn’t be operating a doorknob, let alone a computer. However, a Sabres home game doesn’t preview itself, so here we go:

– Just for the record, I really, really like Pat Kaleta. Keep this in mind. I’ll lay off on talking about him if we all agree to remember this.

– In a strange way I feel bad for Steve Stamkos. Tampa is an absolute mess and probably won’t get much better anytime soon. You know, never mind. Pretty soon Tampa is going to get really good and make the Cup finals or something. You won’t fool me this time, Evan Longoria.

– Am I the only one that thinks Ottawa got the better end of the deal? I like Kuba a lot and every team he plays for uses him on the power play with some success. The grab bag philosophy just doesn’t work in Tampa, and turning over your entire blue line in four months means they are going to play some bad hockey for a while.

– Last week on Hockey Night in Canada there were rumors that someone from Tampa’s ownership group was drawing up plays in between periods instead of The Mullet. Everyone seemed outraged at this, but mostly I was outraged that Mike Milbury has a job. What a hack he is when you compare him to the HNIC guys. If you have some time to kill watch after the games are over, he gets eaten alive on every topic. Good times.

– I really think Buffalo will win this game, and having Goose back in the lineup will be an obvious boost. I still worry about our defense, however. We are one heart flutter away from bringing back this tag…

– I just headed over to check Sabres Edge for tonight’s lines. Amazingly, they made the site even worse. Now the drop down menu on the header has an extra tier, with everything in that bar lowercase. Have you ever seen “NHL” in lowercase? Three letter acronyms need caps lock, people. Conundrum.

– I’ll have more in this tomorrow, but I can’t be less scared of Brett Favre than I am right now. Seriously, he could throw a football over a river directly at my face right now and I wouldn’t blink. Just not doing it for me.

– I would rather have a concussion than pull an all nighter. There, I said it. I’m going to take a nap and see how this game shakes out. Be back later with something more coherent.

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  1. dani

    “As of right now I’ve been up 27 or so hours straight.”

    You can have my insomniac crown if you want.

    I do agree with you on the annoyance of acronyms in lowercase. I REALLY WANT TO EDIT THEM.