Real Quick

by Ryan

Just some things quickly because the Red Sox tried to kill me last night

– If you haven’t seen them around, it looks like the league’s new marketing campaign is up in full swing. This is the Sabres’ version:

– Some interesting numbers if you care how much you are paying for beer compared to fans up north.

– Mirtle has some early numbers going, which put the Sabres atop the league in goal differential. It seems giving up one a game will do that for you.

– I was kind of bummed about not seeing a Sabres hat I liked at New Era downtown. That means I’ll be looking hard when I head to the arena on Tuesday. Sabres Style, perhaps? Has anyone seen that stuff in person, because if it’s more Derek Roy than Paul Gaustad it probably wouldn’t work for me.

– If the poll is still up on the sidebar, it’s pretty obvious that Ales Kotalik won. Which is good, because if Connolly kept that lead I was going to stab someone in the face.

– Tonight’s game against the Canucks will be very interesting. Vancouver is on short rest, and in my mind this would be a perfect time to rest your all world goalie. However, Roberto is used to going 75 games/season, so what do I know. Either way a fast start will be important against a team with tired legs.

– Chris is right, that Vanek logo should be a t-shirt if he keeps this up. Paging 289

– Another person who is right is Matty Dubs from the comments: “Today could not be going more slowly.”

Much more to come later.


  1. twoeightnine

    Haha. I was going to surprise you with that in a few weeks. I picked up this hat yesterday.
    I wanted the 5950 but they only had it in black on black. Of course after searching for this one for days,, they finally put it online. Do I need two of the same exact hat?

  2. Jon

    If you get anything sabrestyle you can kiss my one post every four weeks goodbye.