By Jon

A few random links and thoughts as I check in for the first time in weeks…

— Alan Pergament had a nice column on the LIN/Time Warner debacle.

My opinion: LIN TV can suck it. I’m ready to firmly place the blame for the whole Channel Four debacle squarely on their shoulders.

It’s really a bizarre situation to me. Both companies are severely harmed by it, yet they are so thick-headed that they can’t come to a sensible compromise.

Was the previous system flawed? Channel Four had the top news program and football ratings that were through the rough, and their parent company is willing to piss it away to get “fractions of a penny per customer,” as they put it.

If LIN wins out, you know TW is going to hike rates and blame it on them. Once again, the customer gets screwed.

They may not be able to afford to, but if I’m Time Warner, I’m hanging on to this one until LIN caves. Believe me, I hate Time Warner and switched to dish long ago, but LIN needs TW more than TW needs LIN.

— We aren’t alone. Doesn’t this article sound an awful lot like this one?

— Our friend twoeightnine has a sick new shirt that he debuted the other day.

— Today is Ryan’s birthday.

Ryan will more than likely spend his birthday at home, blogging from his mother’s basement. What a guy! Leave him some birthday wishes in the comments.


  1. Becky

    Happy Birthday Ryan!

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    Happy Birthday, Ryan!