by Ryan

Well that certainly was disappointing. A 16-7 lead after the opening second half drive turned into a big AFC East loss. If you want to stomp your feet and get upset about the big loss, come back in a few hours and talk to us. This is football, and this Bills team isn’t going to win every game this year. The AFC East is a better division than most people think, and every divisional game is going to be tough. Take a look at what Tim Graham said about the East last week.

I do not see the Bills heading into their Monday night game 8-1. That’s not to say they can’t win each of those games against the Dolphins, Jets and Patriots. The Bills very well might sweep their first tour of the AFC East. But that’s a difficult proposition just because everybody is so competitive.

Of course you don’t want to see that loss come against Miami in your first divisional game, but it was bound to happen. The Bills made some huge mistakes, their defensive injuries were exposed, and their second year quarterback looked like a second year quarterback. These things will happen, and for them to first hurt you in Week Eight doesn’t seem so terrible when you consider the situation.

If I’m “stupid” for being okay with a 5-2 record, then I enjoy being an idiot. One bad loss doesn’t nullify five good wins, and if you have any faith in your football team you have to trust they will improve upon their mistakes. McGee will get healthier, as will Schobel, Youboty, and Butler. Peters has been playing better. Royal had an awful game, but if they didn’t cut Michael Gaines last year for his suckitude I doubt he’s going anywhere.

The Bills fell apart today, plain and simple. So it goes. It’s frustrating, it sucks, and it shouldn’t happen. But the sun is going to come up again. This is not the end of days. This is a loss on the road in October, and there’s plenty of time to get things right for the playoffs. Yeah, I said it, this team is making the playoffs. Isn’t that exciting? Aren’t you positively jazzed that there will be playoff football in Buffalo this year?

It’s okay do get down on your team after a big loss. Fine, whatever. However, if you think this season is over because they were soft in one game you really are in trouble. Football teams lose games, and so far we’ve won a lot more than we’ve lost. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: if you thought the Bills would be 5-2 heading back home to play the Jets you are quite the prognosticator.

The 5-2 Bills are still in good shape, and no matter how they got that record it counts in the standings. Hopefully the run game gets more involved. Hopefully Trent shakes off the bad game. Hopefully, we get some guys healthy on defense and they refocus on Brett Favre.

Yeah that’s a lot of hope going on, but if you don’t have any hope in a 5-2 season, boy are you fucked.

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  1. Kevin

    Holy crap, Ryan just fucking swore!