Oh Mi Corazón

by Ryan

Just a few thoughts to close out the night as I watch the Sox get murdered.

– Hecht out two weeks is going to hurt this team, I think that’s pretty obvious. However, this is going to be another chance for Ales and Max to make an impression. So far Ales has played pretty well, but shootout goals have to be a compliment to the rest of his game.

– Thomas Vanek has already matched his goal total from last October. Yeah, he’s going to have a big year.

– Did anyone else get the “GREAT SEATS STILL AVAILABLE!!” email for the Canucks game on Friday? Do you think the lack of sellouts will be a result of shaky fan support or do people just not want to see the West? I know personally I’m pretty excited to see the Blues, Red Wings, Canucks, and other Western Conference opponents at the Arena this year. The West is still the stronger conference, and getting a good look at them will be important to gauge how good this team is.

My other theory is that because all the weekend games are at least a silver on the price scale many people are unwilling to drop that kind of coin on a team with some question marks. I’m eyeing the November 1st Caps game, but it’s going to cost me if I want to see me some AO.

– Chris showed me a Buffalo News review of Klosterman’s Downtown Owl. I’m surprised to hear that a guy claiming to like Klosterman didn’t like the book. Literrary critics don’t really mean much to me, but I think he misunderstood what Klosterman was trying to do with nicknames and blurs the line between his past works and his first novel. This was no “Zach Morris” story, and that was intentional. Strange review overall.

– If I hear TBS apply a terrible Bon Jovi song to one more city I’m going to stab Frank Calliendo in the taint. So they better stop, because I don’t ever want to touch Frank’s taint.

– If this isn’t a cry for help, I don’t know what is.

– Is this really the best video of Peca getting a ten game suspension?

– The Cowboys trading for Roy Williams is like throwing water on a gas leak. How does it help your current problems?


  1. twoeightnine

    Don’t forget that there’s also a home Bills game this weekend. I want to go to the Friday Bills game but can’t afford to right now since I might have an extra Bills ticket on my hands.

  2. Ryan

    Hrm… are you entertaining offers?

  3. twoeightnine

    Possibly, probably. All depends on if my dad is still sick or not. I just want to get my money back.

  4. Rachael and Lucinda

    I think the whole Peca ordeal is rediculous. I’ve been searching for a video of the incident.