Jacoby and the Question Marks

by Ryan

– That right there is what postseason baseball is all about. Yesterday was fun, what with the Cole Hamels and the Cubs losing and all. I have to admit I died a little when Manny hit that home run, but at least it hurt the Cubs.

– The Sabres played last night, but I’ll be honest and say I haven’t listened to the last three games. I love hockey, but preseason hockey is even less consequential than preseason football. I can watch preseason football with an interest, but I can’t listen to preseason hockey and pretend to care. I trust Lindy to put a roster together that works, and I’ll take it from there. We are pretty hardcore about our hockey over here, but we can’t pretend to know if Gerbe is making the team or if Clarke is a goner. We will have our terrible preseason picks soon, though, so you can at least make fun of us for that.

– In light of recent events we’ve retooled the Buffalo Sharks /Silverbacks /Stampede banner.

Since we are starting to hit the sweet spot of the sports year we’ve also decided to move our banners down to the bottom of the blog. We figured that was the most insignificant spot on the site.

– You may not care, but we did have our Roost fantasy hockey league draft, which I’d rate as a success. Amazingly, there were 17 (!?!) Sabres picked, including six on one team. So yeah.

– Also in an amazing turn of events, our Brady-less Goose’s Roost team is 2-2 in the bloggers’ league and improving every week. We will say this right now: if we come back to win the league after Brady going down it will be one of the greatest fantasy performances in the history of mankind.

– All apologies to Time Warner if my last post gets my Internet shut down. No wait, I meant what I said. Go die in a fire. The whole problem is completely retarded, and I mean that in the literal sense. A squabble over basic television channels completely retards the industry and is only going to make the customers suffer.

I know DirectTV and Dish are excited about the prospect of taking in the huddled masses of pissed off Time Warner customers, but Time Warner customers shouldn’t have to flee like Muslims heading to Medina. We understand both sides, Time Warner doesn’t think it should cover WIVB’s “operating losses” and WIVB doesn’t think Time Warner is willing to pay “fair market value”. We get it. However, I do know that I want to watch football games, and maybe check out Gossip Girl. (Completely kidding, I’m never going to watch Gossip Girl but I’d like the opportunity to willfully ignore it if that’s cool with you…)

We are simple folks here in Western New York. We’d like to watch Don Paul if that’s cool with you, maybe watch CSI: Miami if the Monday Night game blows. We want Sabres games in HD, and if anyone touches our football on Sundays there will be hell to pay. And by hell I mean a whole lot of satellite dishes being put up this weekend.

And no, f$%king Food TV HD isn’t going to make up for it.


  1. brian s.

    2nd greatest fantasy performance ever – being 4-0 after drafting Brady and Jones-Drew with the first two picks.

    Are we going to have another insignificant poll soon? Maybe most insignificant Sabre of the 90s or Bill of the past decade or something?

  2. Minor League Man

    Go Stampede! Trust me when I say this, the Stampede and the league they are in are for real. I don’t see them in the same category as the previous failed and insiginificant teams! …I hope I’m right!

    Minor League Man