by Ryan

You probably heard about this sometime last week, but Roberto Luongo was named the Canucks captain. This creates a problem because a goaltender cannot wear the customary “C” on his jersey. Vancouver decided it would have three assistant captains, and try to figure something out for Roberto.

They did.

You may want to click that photo, because it’s actually pretty cool. It’s nice to see a team bend the rules a bit of they really want Luongo to be their leader. He anchors the team every year, and why not have someone on the ice at all times named captain?

Sure, he won’t be able to argue penalties and sit patiently outside the half circle; but many fans don’t realize how much a goalie does on the ice. The majority of the muffled yelling you hear in the defensive end is from a goaltender’s mask, so why not give him the letter to back it up?

Creative? Yes. Symbolic? Most defiantly. It may not mean much to some, but it’s a much better solution than breaking out the seam ripper every thirty days.