You’ve Gotta Be Kidding Me

by Ryan

We are a few days away from “Puck Drop ’08” or whatever they are calling the start of training camp. Because of this, I’ve been waiting for some news on the season from the team. Something. Anything. Please.

You would think in this age of increased Internet presence the team would do a better job of informing its fans of important events, right? Right.

Today I got an email from the Sabres, and I was excited. Maybe a training camp roster, or maybe just some info about tickets. What about an update on Tyler Kennedy’s blog? The possibilities are endless with a new season. With all that money they saved by axing the “Hockey Hotline” format for road games, you must have something pretty amazing ready to roll.

Yeah, something like this:

Wow, I can’t wait to hear that homosexual mandolin quartet. Great start guys, be sure to let me know when Matlock is on next, too.


  1. Jonathan Grant Keller

    are the sabres prospects playing in the prospect tournament? St. Louis is playing Columbus in the opener—can’t find much about it though. Blues guy told me about it from the front office…wtf?

  2. Ryan

    I haven’t heard about it yet, you know how the Sabres are about these things. I can’t imagine a reason why they wouldn’t talk about these things, you know?

    Awesome avaitar, by the way. Have I told you that before?

  3. Joe Goal

    excellent use of the “why god why” tag

  4. Ryan

    For some reason blogger doesn’t let you use exclamation points or question marks in tags. But thank you.

  5. Jonathan Grant Keller

    Thanks Ryan—BTW, I was easily able to teach my daughter the Wiggles sucked early on and avoided the entire nightmare.

    The bad news is now she hates all Australians….

  6. Ryan

    You better keep her away from AC/DC then.