Youppi, Fantasy Hockey, and Pound for Pound Strength

by Ryan

If you want to play fantasy hockey with us, we have one spot left open. It’s going to be a 12 team league, and we can’t draft with odd teams. If you haven’t signed up yet and want to give it a shot, go here with the following information:

League ID: 11108
Password: section304

You have about 18 hours before we draft, so hopefully you prepare quickly. Also, this should serve as a reminder to anyone who is playing: we have a draft at 8pm tonight.

– If Youppi and Sabretooth were to get into a mascot fight, Youppi would own.

What a beast. Best anthropomorphic mascot ever, I think. The only Buffalo mascot that could get close would be this thing. Brad’s right, we do need to find this guy. Spread the word.

– Speaking of throwback, I have to mention at least twice a year how great the Bills’ throwback uniforms look. They should use them all the time. That is all.

– I had my first fantasy hockey draft tonight, and I must say Yahoo did a nice job with the draft portal this year. Be sure to stick around after the draft is over, Yahoo provides a nice draft recap to go through for about 15 minutes afterwards. Pretty cool.

– Their player ranks suck, though. Be sure to have some outside info prepared.

– Here’s a decent write up on the Hockeyville game last night. For some reason the AP decided it deserved about seven sentences, but mostly because they suck. If you are using anything but TSN for hockey news, good luck.

– Best quote from that article is about Gerbe:

“He’s one of the players we think could play for us down the road,” Ruff said. “He’s got good speed, a good shot. Pound for pound, he may be one of our strongest players.”

Translation: Even though he weighs less than Andrew Peters’ bowl movements, he doesn’t play like it. He’s strong enough to open up doors and everything!

– I know I’m not the first person to say this, but I think Gerbe is NHL ready. I hope he makes the team, and again, I have no idea where to put him.

– Yes, I said the same thing about Zagrapan yesterday, but I honestly think Marek needs some AHL time to get himself set. Training camp will be important for him to stay on the coaching staff’s radar with all the new prospects rising fast. Remember, he’s never even been called up, and time may be running out with Kennedy/Gerbe/Mancari getting a good look. This will be an important next few weeks for Zags, and even if he doesn’t make the team, he’s going to need to show us something to insure he gets another chance.

In a way I feel bad for Marek, no matter what he does he is always going to be known as “That guy we got in the Sidney Crosby draft”. I think that’s what makes me hope he finally catches on. I know he puts in the work while he’s up for camp, and maybe someday he can turn out to be a better first rounder than Jiri Novotny. Maybe.

– That reminds me, the new Sabres Media Guide is online as a PDF, if you’re into that kinda thing.

– Here’s some more Hockeyville stuff to pass the time, really a cool event I’m glad the Sabres had a chance to take part in.