Year Three: The Package

by Ryan

I hate the movie Fever Pitch. I dislike it so much, I’m not even linking to imdb to give it the page views. It’s a ridiculously stupid example of why most sports movies are awful. The Nick Hornby novel they “based” the movie off of is excellent, and if you want a good view of being a fanatic I’d fully recommend that to you any day. In fact, here.

However, there is one scene in the move I could relate to, and no, not the part where Jimmy Fallon in the restaurant freaking out. Okay fine, I’ve done that too, but they totally stole that from William Goldman in “Wait ‘Till Next Year”, another fantastic book. Freaking vultures.

Anyway, that part I relate to is the big package he gets at the beginning of the movie. Ticket day.

There they are, the tickets for Team Mini Pack ’08. Beautiful, aren’t they? We had some stocks take a tumble yesterday, so we went light this year with the minimum five games. However, we will most certainly be picking a few games up throughout the year, hopefully because the team exceeded our expectations. Maybe a playoff series or two to make us completely broke? We can only hope.

In any event, here are the games we picked. Keep in mind we were dodging some work scheduling issues and trying to run cheap, so don’t mock us for only spending $188 each.

Monday, Oct. 27th: Ottawa
Wednesday, Nov. 12th: St. Louis
Monday, Dec. 1st: Nashville
Tuesday, Feb. 24th: Anaheim
Monday, Apr. 6th: Detroit

Some Western Conference love for sure, but we wanted to catch Anaheim and Detroit and the rest fell into place. Any any event, Section 304, Row 9 will be the place to find me, so let me know if you will be in the area and we can get something together. There’s always room in the Roost.


  1. Jennifer

    I’m so jealous of all those tickets laying there. They are just so pretty! 🙂

  2. Becky

    My son & I will down a few rows from you watching Detroit. For Anaheim and the exact same Ottawa game (plus Tampa Bat) I splurged and will be in 103. That leaves the Rangers game a few sections over in 302.

    Go Sabres!

  3. Chris

    I’ll be up in the 300’s for
    St Louis
    Tampa (12/10)
    Pitt (12/22)
    Rangers (1/9)
    San Jose

  4. Kevin

    You know how many games I could have went to for $188 when I was a starving college student?

    /end old man rant