Why Yes, That’s a Jets Jersey

For just a moment, let’s imagine that this photo is a representation of the Monday Night Football television broadcast booth.

If that were the case the old lady holding the sign is Tony Kornheiser, and the pissed off looking guy under that arrow is Ron Jaworski.

Seriously, we get it; Brett Favre is important. He’s probably a magical football wizard that will rid the world of polio with his sweat. Whatever. Just shut the hell up and watch the game. We want to watch the game, that’s what we came here for. Stop talking about something you beat to death in the preseason along with everyone else.

The thing that kills me about Kornheiser is that this is his only job. It’s not like he has a writing job to worry about anymore, his entire existence is being a face on television. Despite this he seems to try so hard at being an annoying jackass, which doesn’t project well on television. Puzzling.