What. The. F#$k

by Ryan

The boys over at Pensblog have to be, um… thanked(?) for the heads up on this one.

Just… just watch.

This is just unreal. I’ve never watched the show before, but to think that is their definition of “America” is just beyond me. No wonder people hate us.

In any event, I had to check their website to see if anyone was worth mentioning from the Buffalo sports scene. Of course, there is.

Everyone, say hello to Dominik Hashark.

Jump back Jabber Jaws! It’s Dominik Hashark – the chompin’ champ. This gifted goalie has the gills and skills to be a true CHOMPion. Dominik likes to lurk in the lake just outside of Buffalo when he’s not kicking it on the ice. Watch your back… this Shark attacks!

Uh, yeah… something like that.

This is by far the most ridiculous sports-related mascot I’ve ever seen in my life. Remember those inflatable football players the Colts have dancing around in their end zones at times? Multiply that by a thousand, then toss in racist crabs, and you’ve got ZOOperstars.

He likes to start, but not finish the season…..it’s Donovan McCrabb.

Rush Limbaugh would be proud.

What else do they have, you ask? Well, see for yourself! Oooh! Squidney Crosby coming soon?

We will be back.