Things for the Morning

by Ryan

– If you are interested, a chapter from Klosterman’s Downtown Owl is on Page 2. Seriously, if anyone is reading this let me know, I’m dying to talk to someone about it.

– Time Warner is adding five HD channels, something I suddenly care about. The channels were each added for a specific reason, as you will see:

CNN- Delegates.
Discovery Channel- stoners.
Animal Planet- stumpies.
Science Channel- nerdy stoners.

As you can see, I’m pumped about TBS HD, which will be awesome for postseason baseball. Can anyone else smell October coming?

– In a related story, if Time Warner inexplicably drops CBS (which is very unlikely), I will have a dish by that Sunday. Mark my words, Bunny.

– Anyone remember Keith Newman?

Good times!

The former Bills linebacker has been keeping himself busy, and when I say busy, I mean stealing stuff. He may not have been able to tackle Ricky Williams, but at least he knows how to commit bank fraud. Amazing.

– Week two in fantasy went much better for me. Both pay leagues won despite natural disasters and a few injuries, and I figure if I can overcome a hurricane I should be okay the rest of the way through, right?

– I’ll leave you with this picture, and the reminder that Lane Kiffin still works for the Raiders as of this post:


  1. Becky

    I’m still working my way through “City on the Edge” that I picked up after seeing it here first…Up to the ’60s now.

  2. amy

    Of course TWC adds Discovery Channel in HD after Deadliest Catch is done airing. That show would have looked spectacular in HD.

    There’s also a rumor that TWC added these channels earlier than expected to counter some of the negative press their getting from the WIVB/CW situation.

  3. TheTick

    And a few months from now, TWC’ll raise your rates citing the increased costs of having those channels.