The Goose’s League

by Ryan

For weeks I have been refreshing the fantasy hockey page on Yahoo. That may sound sad to some most, but to me the launch of fantasy hockey means the official start of the hockey season.

Today it happened.

Fantasy hockey is back, and it brought Alexander Ovechkin with it.

Now, over the summer we asked if anyone wanted to play fantasy hockey with us. There was enough of a response that I went ahead and created a separate league for us to fill. Of course, it is called “The Goose’s League” and it has a 14 team limit. So far we have 13 spots open, but I’m not sure if any other Roost members will be playing so that number may go down.

My question is this: do you want to play?

If so, send us an email (goosesroost [at] gmail [dot] com) with the following subject line: I want to play fantasy hockey. The body can include whatever you like as long as we know where to send the invite. That seems sort of self explanatory, but you never know.

Please keep in mind that we want serious entries only. Don’t take that the wrong way, it’s just that we want people who intend on setting their lineup the entire season. This includes setting a roster after December (Jon), so only apply if you can handle that.

Trust me, we aren’t the most hardcore of fantasy hockey players, but you have no idea how infuriating it is to see the person with Crosby finish last because they didn’t feel like playing anymore.

If you have any questions about format we will be happy to answer them. We plan on doing a live draft, but all that can be set up once everyone joins and we can talk it over. We’d like to do 14 teams, but we are willing to do less if necessary.

Needless to say, I’m excited. Hope to hear from you soon.

One Comment

  1. sabresfan88

    I’m in, but I’m pretty terrible at picking fantasy hockey teams. I know way more about it than I do football, but I still suck.

    I’ll be committed on an OCD-type level, though.