Tek and the New Kids

by Ryan

A view from our seats, where we watched the Sox squeak past the Jays 4-3. You don’t want to hear me break down a baseball game, so here are some thoughts and a few pictures to pass the time.

See that seat up in the corner? That will cost you $110 bucks on December 7th. Wait, let me get a bit closer.

Yeah, great seat.

– I’ve never seen that many metrosexual men in one place. I think Skydome doubled for a trendy dance club on Friday. Was Die Mannequin performing somewhere I wasn’t aware of?

– Yeah, Papi did a lot of that yesterday. Between that and the huge base running gaffe he didn’t have a very good game.

– So its bases loaded with two outs in the eighth, and up comes Varitek. The know it all Jays fan behind me says they should lift Tek for a pinch hitter. I guess as far as most people are concerned that would be a good option, but Francona lets him hit. He grounds into a fielders choice and the run scores. It’s 4-3, and here comes Papelbon.

But here’s where Varitek is so important. Paps give up a weak hit and misplays it, and the leadoff runner is suddenly on second.

Varitek comes out and settles Papelbon down. Remember that if they lift Tek for a pinch hitter it’s Kevin Cash out here talking to Papelbon. Now I don’t know what would have happened if Tek doesn’t hit, so maybe a few more runs would have scored. Maybe if Varitek isn’t even on the team their runs per game would increase and make them a more productive team.

However, what Varitek’s true value is what happened last night. He went out and calmed Papelbon down at least three times, and worked through the inning. The game ended with the runner on third and the huge error avoided. A loss last night puts any chance for the AL East title in serious doubt, but Tek came through on both ends despite a bad year statistically.

Situations like this are what makes me think Varitek will be re-signed after this season, even with declining offensive production. The leadership and rapport with his pitchers is something you won’t be able to get back with a bigger bat.

– It is more than possible to tailgate outside of Skydome, just be careful to watch out for people begging for change.

– Also, it took forever to get home, but not becuase of ballpark traffic. New Kids on the Block had a concert at the ACC. Yeah, that seems about right.