by Ryan

The last year of my life as a fan can be summed up with the following pictures.

Dallas at Buffalo, Monday Night Football.

Pittsburgh at Buffalo, Winter Classic.

Both events took place at Ralph Wilson Stadium, and both are days and games that I will never forget. To sum up a season in one picture is very unlikely, but each of those moments are perfect. There is simply nothing like going to a stadium and feeling that collective roar of a crowd swell and subsequently explode. From the moment I buy tickets until the moment I get there it is all I think about.

Today I can’t wait to hear that roar. I can’t tell you the Bills will win, and I can’t tell you I’ll have a snapshot to bring back tonight, but I can tell you that crowd will be there, and it will be worth the price of admission. You only get one opening day, and you only get one opening day roar. I can’t wait.

Go Bills.