Sabres Gameday

by Ryan

Well, behind that is where you want to be, but you get the idea.

This is just something to look over while you prepare for your fantasy hockey draft. We have a few spots open in our league, so send us an email if you are interested. Draft is this Wednesday, so get it out fast and we will get back to you with the info.

In any event, Leafs TV is supposed to have video of the game live, so try that if you really want to watch. The portal may not work if you are in the U.S (TSN’s online feed for the playoffs had similar restrictions), but I suppose we won’t know that until we try.

I would try to preview this game, but I honestly have no idea what is going to happen. Last time we played the Leafs in preseason Derek Roy exploded for like 18 points. Maybe Adam Mair will be a preseason force again. Who knows.

Nathan Gerbe watch starts now.

If you aren’t doing anything and would like to kill some time tonight, stop by Dr. Mirtle’s site for a live blog, which I suddenly will be taking part in. Should be some fun.


  1. Ryan

    I am outside of the LeafsTV viewing area, and therefore my IP address is no good. Crap. Radio it is.

  2. Anonymous

    nice game by Zagrapan.